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Welcome to WURZ photography !

Thank you for spending a few moments with my photos and discovering my passion.

So, another photo site: egocentric, ecological "activist", marked by a mercantile approach, ...?
Probably a bit of all of this. Indeed these defects, like pathologies in psychiatry, are found in everyone but only become unbearable when brought to their paroxysm.

I like to ask the question: why do we do photography?
To each his own answer.
I personally like the non-destructive "hunting" side, the search, the approach, the lookout (six days locked in silence in a hut in Russia, in the middle of winter at minus 25 ° for the Siberian tiger and theAmur leopard!). This thrill when the animal appears. That moment of pure happiness when you think you've taken the right shot ...

Coming from a family where hunter and fisherman coexisted in my grandparents' generation, I was quickly drawn to Nature. The family taste of snorkeling and the "Time Life Nature" offered by a "cake" grandmother made my thirst for knowledge grow. The fact of living in the house next to that of Commander Cousteau was no stranger to the emergence of my passion.

Step by step it was freediving, scuba diving, then underwater and land photography.

I want to thank all my friends here who have helped me progress. In alphabetical order: Franco Banfi, Jean-Lou Ferretti, Christian Gelpi, Christian Henlé, Stéphane Jamme and I forget. My inspirers Laurent Ballesta, Franco Banfi, David Doubillet, Eric Dragesco, Frederic Larrey, Vincent Munier, Alex Mustard, Paul Nicklen, Audun Rikardsen, Thomas Shahan, Steve Winter, Art Wolfe...

The animals photographed are wild animals caught in their element.

We live in a Creation where biodiversity is fragile, let's protect it!

But none of this could have been possible without the patience and support of my wife Marie-Dominique and my children who accepted my absences and helped me. Thanks to them.

Hope you enjoy walking through this snapshot gallery.

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